Now available in HoBSoft v4

  • Improved web application

    Fast web application eliminates the need for re-loads and improves response time making it feel like you are working on a desktop-based application.

  • Draw notes on videos

    Use the Visual Notes™ feature to draw directorial notes straight onto the videos during review.

  • Track unlimited versions

    Create an unlimited number of takes for any given shot.

Animation Production system

HoBSoft production systems automate labour intensive processes which are part of the production of animated feature-length films, TV-series or live action productions which incorporate high levels of CGI. Newly improved, Version 4, offers innovative functionality which is unique to HoBSoft systems. contact us for a quote.

  • Save money through automation

    Using a HoBSoft production system allows producers to reduce expenditures on headcount during the production through automation of time consuming production processes such as image processing, quality control and file transferring.

  • View production status in real time

    Using a HoBSoft production system allows production teams to view the status of production milestones in real time. Use this feature to manage the production and keep it on track and on budget.

  • Production-proven and studio-ready

    HoBSoft has a proven track record of successful implementation in critically acclaimed, animated feature films (See cases) and the standard automation and workflows are ready for immediate implementation.

    Productions which require more complex workflows and processes may be easily accommodated through workflow customization and the expert consulting services provided by HoBSoft professionals.

Only pay for what you need

The price of HoBSoft is based on the level of service and support required by your production. The base price of the system is €38,000 per production and includes the production system with standard automation, workflows, reliable filestructure and integration with your editing.

The final price is comprised of the base price plus the cost of supplementary services required by your specific production. You only need to purchase the services which are specifically required by your production.

contact us for a quote.

Case studies

  • 2016

    Lupus Films

  • 2014

    Walking the Dog

  • 2014

    Cartoon Saloon

  • 2011


  • 2010

    Estudio Mariscal

  • 2009

    Cartoon Saloon

  • 2006


  • 2004


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